Burgundy & Franche-Comte

Burgundy is synonymous with good dining – the saying ‘to eat like a king in France’ undoubtedly originated here! Deceptively simple casseroles and stews from the area have achieved world fame…

such as coq au vin – the classic French casserole made with chicken braised in red burgundy wine (with perhaps a dash of cognac), with bacon and mushrooms, shallottes or pearl onions. Or Boeuf Bourgignon: slow-cooked beef with red wine, pearl onions, button mushrooms and lardons.  Dijon mustard, made with aged grape-juice instead of vinegar, originates in this Burgundian capital. And of course, fine dining in Burgundy and Franche-Conté includes escargots, frogs’ legs and sweetbreads, as well as dozens of other well-spiced and unforgettable delicacies.

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