What Caviar tastes like

Caviar has kind of salty and fishy, really good quality caviar tastes less salty. The really distinctive aspect of caviar is more about its texture. The eggs pop on your tongue, and the rich, slightly sweet taste oozes into your mouth and flavour fills your nose. Caviar has a wide range of flavours, smooth nutty, creamy and buttery each species has its own unique flavour.


Caviar varieties by preparation


There are 4 caviar preparation methods.

First is the Malossol method, Malossol in Russian means “little or lightly salted” and refers to fresh caviar with less than 5% salt.

The second is salted caviar or ‘semi-preserved’ caviar. It contains up to 8% salt. The more salt, the longer the shelf life, but taste may be compromised.

The third one is Pressed. Pressed Caviar made from too-soft, damaged, broken and overly ripe eggs. It is treated, highly salted and pressed to a jam-like consistency. 

The last one is Pasteurized caviar. Fresh caviar is heat-treated and vacuum packed in glass jars for much longer preservation.


Sturgeon Caviars Types;


Beluga sturgeon is the highest premium grade of caviar and the most expensive. The size of this caviar eggs as large as the size of a pea with prominent darkened spot, the eggs are soft, glossy and clear. They have a buttery, very-faint taste, Beluga can be found in the Caspian Sea but nowaday wild sturgeons has been protected since the 1990s since then most of Caviar sturgeons are being raise in the farm to keep them in the environments close to the sturgeon’s native habitat to regularly produce eggs.


Ossetra caviar has a moderate-sized eggs that vary in colour from grey, grey mixed with green to brown eggs. The caviar has a nutty flavour.




Sevruga caviar has a smaller sized egg.The caviar has saltier, richer taste , the eggs are grey colour and less expensive caviar.


The Sterlet is the extremely expensive and finest caviar ever. The eggs are small with golden colour.


The best way to serve Caviar

Caviar loves cold and crystal, and hates metal. The spoons should be made from bone, mother of pearl or horn, serve on crystal bowel sat on the bed of crushed ice. Caviar should never be cooked and always be added at the end when you are platting.

Pairings; unflavoured vodka, dry champagne and mineral water, all very well chilled are perfect pairing. A chilled dry white wine is acceptable also.

As to other accompaniments, caviar and blini, Creme fraiche, sour cream or even butter.

If you happen to come across a package bearing the name Caviar De Neuvic and Caviar Perle Noire, you can be sure that your caviar is one of the best traditional French Caviar you ever taste


Kinds and Grades of Caviar

Generally Caviar is graded by the size and texture of its beads and flavour. Larger and firmer beads are rarer and most expensive. However, the species of the fish, how the fish was raised and treated and matured can affect the flavour of caviar beads.

There are two grade of caviar:

Grade 1: The eggs intact, firmed, large with fine flavour and colour.

Grade 2: The eggs are not perfectly formed but still delicious even they are less delicate .

This is colour criteria for caviar:

“000” indicates silver or light grey

“00 is medium grey

“0” is grey 

Damaged eggs or roe doesn’t make the grade but still can be eaten. The most expensive caviars is golden caviar as known as “royal caviar” the colour of the eggs is pale off-yellow.


Harvesting Caviar:

The Sturgeons like any other fish, release their eggs naturally so traditionally the eggs are harvested from dead fish in the spring when the eggs are fully mature and ready for stripping.

Today a new method called “no-killed” have been introduced for harvesting the eggs without having to kill the fish beforehand.

This method starting from getting the sturgeon undergo an ultrasounds to determine when the eggs are ready for harvesting, then they are administered a protein that help the sturgeons to releases the eggs into the cavity of theirs body, the eggs are then massaged out instead.






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