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Is there anything more evocative of your heritage than food? For me, a Frenchwoman in London, the slightest scent of oysters with sea-salt and lemon evokes all of Brittany for me. Rhubarb and strawberries have me dreaming of the sweet pastures and orchards of Normandy, and a morsel of fine fois gras melting on my tongue is like summer among the rolling hills and dales of the Perigord, or a ramble through the Alsatian woods in autumn.

But food alone is not the sole reason for our creation of the Lekood online experience. Like the producers that I and my father work with, we are passionate about craftsmanship and tradition. Our appreciation of the finest foods and beverages that France has to offer is based on our familiarity with a select number of small, independent entrepreneurs who put all their savoir faire and passion into recreating traditional products according to time-proven methods.

At the same time as offering our clientele exceptional quality at attainable prices, our ambition is to allow you to wander through the various regions of France that produce these culinary delicacies and delights. Let us evoke the beauty and charm and variety of these regions for you in videos and images, with true-to-life stories from the people who live and work on the land.

As an MBA graduate in Tourism and Marketing, my ambition is to bring the nostalgic aromas of France to my compatriots abroad, and a fresh flavour of France to those who travel there and love it almost as much as we do! I’d like to show you a side of French culture and gastronomy you are perhaps as yet unfamiliar with, and would love to know more about. I will be happy if at the same time you learn something new about a region you are not yet familiar with, or are tempted to try an exclusive speciality to get a little taste of what it means to be Breton, or Provençal, or Basque, for example. Whatever your reason for visiting Lekood – bienvenue!


A French gourmet grocery in Boulogne, just outside Paris – with a difference.

Hervé Disset has created a small mecca of French regional delicacies in his specialty grocery on the Place Jules Guesde, attracting not only cosmopolitan Parisians and citizens from far and wide within the French provinces, but visitors of many nationalities with a nose for quality.
Hervé brings specialist expertise and long experience to his gourmet grocery. His parents were merchants at the famous Rungis wholesale food market in Paris, and later opened their own restaurant at St Rémy de Provence. Hervé himself graduated from business school, and spent 25 years in the retail industry, including 10 years as a buyer and manager for Carrefour, and 16 years managing the Toys’rUs retail chain in France.
The values on which Hervé’s business is founded are quality, authenticity, and conviviality. He achieves this through offering customers select products from producers he knows personally; products crafted by artisans. People with a story to tell about the history of their products and how they are made with personal care and attention. In small companies and farms, according to local traditions.
Hervé has a self-professed aim, with his careful selection of exclusively-produced gourmet products, to: “Share the pleasure of high quality French culinary products with your guests.” And he is happy to regale his customers with the stories behind the producers who supply him, as well supplying the delicious products that he knows will contribute to precious moments of sharing at sociable and delightful times with family and friends.

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Charlotte GRAVES

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The secret to French gourmet pleasure is knowing where to find the best products. At Lekood, you’re at the right address! With our French culinary heritage, we bring you an exclusive range of regional specialties – direct from the producers – and deliver them to your doorstep. With love.


Savour distinctive French regional products at home, while learning about how they’re made and the distinctive regions where they originate. At, use our interactive map to discover and relive the delights of the French countryside, while choosing from our exclusive selection of traditional delicacies online.


Our partners are local, traditional farmers, craftsmen and women dotted around the French countryside… nd they all live at the heart of French gastronomy! These little-known, specialist farms and vineyards are where regional specialties are produced with love and respect for tradition, for you to enjoy.