– First clean and prepare the asparagus by cutting it in very thinly lengthwise.

– Cook them in salted water for 4 minutes, once cooked immediately place them in cold water and drain on   a paper towel.

– Peel shallots and cut into very fine thin slices.

– Finely chop the chives

-Peel and cut one lime and keeping the second for zest.

– Break the eggs into a bowl season with a little salt and pepper and a knob of butter, stir the eggs then place in saucepan, continue stirring until cooked Add the shallots, place the eggs in a small bowl and place a few slices of  asparagus and shallots on top. You can also put a small amount of crème fraiche on top and a squeeze of lemon or lemon zest on top for more flavour.

– Now you are ready to add your caviar, bon appetite.

















Source: @CaviarDeNeuvic

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